Case Results

Steven Clary has handled literally thousands of criminal cases from low end misdemeanors such as DWI's (Class B and above) to the most serious felonies in the 27 years he has been practicing. See a random sample of some of these cases below. 

  • Case: DWI 3rd or More

    Client had already had several trips to the penitentiary and was looking at a minimum 15 years in the pen if convicted. Although we had a deal where the prosecutor was offering 10 years, the client elected to take his chances and go to trial. Result: After a hard fought trial, the Jury came back... Read On

  • Case: Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child

    Client was accused of penetration by a stepdaughter. His children were taken by CPS and he was prohibited from seeing them or even returning home. His children were split up and placed in various foster homes. We exhaustively investigated and developed a packet for the Grand Jury to review in hop... Read On

  • Case: Assault Family Violence

    Our client was a green card holder (ie Lawful Permanent Resident) and was facing possible deportation if convicted or even receive Deferred Adjudication, which is not a conviction. We were able to negotiate a deal with District Attorney's office where they would dismiss the case if our client com... Read On

  • Case: Possession of Drugs with Intent to Deliver

    Young man 18 years old charged with F3 charge and Possession of Marijuana. He was not only facing time in the Penitentiary but a criminal record that would haunt him for years, including get in the way of his plans to go to college. We investigated and found some errors the policemen made that ar... Read On