Case Results

Unlawful Carrying of Firearm (UCW) along with Possession of Marijuana (POM)

Individual pulled over for a traffic stop. Officer smelled marijuana which gave probable cause to search the vehicle. A firearm (pistol) was found. Client was charged for POM along with Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm. In Texas we have the constitutional right to carry a firearm as long as we are not breaking a law above a traffic ticket, which Marijuana possession is above a traffic offense. The UCW was a Class A misdemeanor and the POM was a Class B misdemeanor. The offenses carry up to year in jail and 6 months in jail respectively. This client was a young man with a good job which he would lose if convicted. After investigating the case and discussions with the district attorney's office, we were able to get both cases dismissed. The cases are now eligible to be expunged which we will be doing for the client.