Sealing Records, Expunctions, or Non-Disclosures

Sealing Records, Expunctions, or Non-Disclosures

Introduction and answers to FAQ's:

The following information should answer most of the questions you may have regarding expunging or sealing a criminal offense(s) from the record. If you do have a criminal record, you are wise in looking into trying to seal or expunge it, whichever is possible. We have had many clients where their offenses on their record held them up from getting a job, apartment, or loan. We realize that money is frequently an obstacle to getting the record sealed or expunged. We will work with you as much as we reasonably can on our payment plans to facilitate you getting this done. Call us and let's see what we can work out. If questions after reading the following, please call for a free phone consultation.

If I received a conviction, can I get my record for that offense sealed or expunged?

What are the different ways I may be able to seal / clear offenses from my criminal record? is the difference between a nondisclosure order and an expunction?

Does your firm do nondisclosure orders and expunctions?

Do I qualify to get an offense on my record expunged?

Do I qualify to get my record sealed by a nondisclosure order?

Once I complete deferred adjudication, is there a waiting period before I can apply for a nondisclosure order?

How long does it take to get the nondisclosure order and seal the record for a specific offense and how long does it take to get an expunction order for an offense?

What is the general process?

Does the Judge have to grant a nondisclosure order to seal the record?

Does the Judge have to sign the order to expunge a specific offense off the record?

Does the District or County Attorney (where applicable) get involved?

Do I need to come into the office for a visit?

Do I need to appear in court?

Do I have to do anything besides pay the fee, court costs, and provide basic information?

How much does it cost and what are the payment plans?

Do you accept major credit cards and debit cards?

Do you work in counties other than Dallas or are you Texas-wide?

Who does the nondisclosure and expunction order seal the record from?

Who doesn't it seal the record from?

What about organization like

How will it benefit me?

What do I do next?

Refresh your memory on when your case was dismissed or no-billed, or if a nondisclosure, when you were put on probation, what for, what county, and if you have been in any other trouble with the law. Figure out how you will pay the fee. Call us and a patient, courteous, and knowledgeable person will discuss your situation with you. You will not be rushed, your phone calls will be answered (or returned in a timely manner), and you will not be charged for a consultation. We will work with you as much as reasonable on the payment plans to allow you to get the record for the offense sealed or expunged, whichever is allowed for the case. From feedback we get, we realize the benefit of this to you and want to do what we can to facilitate you getting the record sealed or expunged.

Contact us at 972-722-0887 or text us at 972-814-7318, or fill out our contact form for a free consultation and we will get back with you as soon as we can. We return call in the evening also.