Case Results

DWI with Child

Client was coming home late at night with 2 young children in van. Fortunately the children were safely secured. He hit a slick spot, spun out, and the vehicle rolled ending up on it's side.  A good Samaritan helped get everyone out. The children and the client, their father, were slightly injured. The police came and assessed the scenario, could smell alcohol on the client, gave some field sobriety tests, later gave a breath test, and decided to arrest him. He was later indicted for a State Jail Felony which carries 2 years in a state jail and up to a $10,000 fine, in addition to having a felony conviction on your record. We studied the evidence very carefully and found a number of weaknesses in the arrest process which convinced the district attorney's office to dismiss the DWI with Child felony and re-file as a lower charge, namely reckless driving which is a misdemeanor carrying 30 days in jail. The client ended up doing 2 weeks in jail with a minimum fine. A great outcome compared to what it could have been.

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