Case Results

Shoplifting Theft

A lady who had never been charged with a criminal offense was charged with shoplifting from a major retail outlet. We studied the evidence and found the case against her was very solid and would not have been a good one to take to trial. After finding out more about our client and finding this was a rare mistake with the likelihood of it ever being repeated, we discussed the case with the prosecutor and was able to get the case dismissed provided she take some courses and do some community service hours. She completed the program and the case was dismissed, allowing her to immediately get this case expunged (ie erased) from from the record. Although seemingly a trivial case, it is very important not to have a record for a crime of dishonesty on your record. It will be detrimental to you in may ways. Always followup with us for an expungement, if qualified, following a dismissal on this type of case. 

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