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Anonymous AVVO Review Recommends Steven Clary

FANTASTIC!!!! Steven Clary was AWESOME!!!! I had an issue come up that happened about 5 years ago in which i needed to get my record sealed. I did tons of research and decided to go with Steven Clary's office. For one his website is extremely helpful and detailed and pretty much answered all my questions and he offered payment arrangements unlike others I've researched, which made it easy for me to handle making the payments. He was very professional and nice. One thing that I really liked was that I kept in contact with him the entire process which put me at ease knowing i didn't have to deal with others which could cause potential confusion. Plus I was in a different state and didn't have to travel to his location at all. He always returned missed phone calls and and was great with keeping me updated during the process. I'm very pleased with his service. He was Friendly, Available, and Quick. I would definitely recommend him.

– Anonymous AVVO Review