These types of cases range from traffic offenses, class C misdemeanors, to Assault Family Violence cases, a class A misdemeanor. Any jail time required on these cases is done in a county jail and usually, the maximum time is no more than one year. Although many are minor compared to felonies, convictions for certain misdemeanors can have harmful consequences on a person's future. A conviction may cause someone that is not a United State Citizen to be deported, for example, an Assault Family Violence charge, lose their job (for example, a truck driver getting charged with a DWI), and can severely impact a person's reputation (for example, charged with shoplifting), or keep them from getting an apartment (for example, charged with Possession of Marijuana and the apartment manager is fearful the person may be using Marijuana or other drugs on the premises).

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor it is advised not to trivialize the offense and to take it very seriously. It is not necessarily the immediate consequences but long-term impact that one needs to keep in mind. Feel free to contact our office if you are charged with any type of misdemeanor. Please note that we do not handle class C misdemeanors.