Client Testimonials

Jason, AVVO Review Recommends Steven Clary

Steve Clary is a smart, honest Attorney. Would highly recommend him. From the get-go in this case Steve took action and made a great deal of difference in the outcome of my two cases. Steve is a very good lawyer and is respected by his peers which goes a long way. Steve trusted me and was able to work out a deal where I could take a polygraph test to prove what I had been claiming about one of the cases pending against me. As a result of this that charge was dropped. Steve is very careful to respect your privacy and will always check with you before taking any action. I can't imagine having had such positive outcomes without Steve on board. We are done with court and there are a few things that I would still like to have done and Steve is willing to communicate with me and give me his advice with no guarantee that I will use his services. No doubt I will use him as long as he is practicing. It's nice to already know that should I ever need to say I'd like to speak to my lawyer again, Steven Clary is ready to begin defending me and that I have every confidence he will help me preserve my life.

– Jason, AVVO Review