Fraud Including Credit or Debit Card Abuse

Fraud takes on many forms. Everything from stealing a check and forging the owner's name and cashing it to taking a credit or debit card and using it without authorization. In fact, a person can be charged with credit or debit card abuse by just having someone else's in his possession. Also a person can be charged by simply having in his possession identifying information of another person. For example, you are discovered to have 5 but less than 10 driver's licenses of different people in your possession, you can be charged with Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying information, a third degree felony.

The list is lengthy, but the dominant theme is the allegation of dishonesty. That is why it is very important to fight these types of cases. A conviction could imply to someone, such as a potential employer or someone about to make you a loan, that you may not be honest or trustworthy, which may be far from the truth.

My office handles many of these types of cases. It is a state jail felony carrying up to 24 months in a state jail facility and is a third degree felony if the victim is an elderly person. If the case is weak, we try to get it dismissed or reduced, otherwise, we suggest going to trial. Usually, if the case against an accused is strong and he has not been in trouble before, we may be able to get it reduced to a misdemeanor and get a special type of probation that allows the defendant to petition the court to seal the record immediately upon completion of the probation. If it stays a felony, a defendant would have to wait for 5 years after getting off of probation before it could be sealed.

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