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In need of an experienced criminal attorney?

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In need of an experienced criminal attorney?

Contact me today to see how I can help.

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Criminal Law Attorney Serving Cottonwood, Forney, Terrell and All of Kaufman County

Steven Clary has over 20 years of experience handling criminal law cases for clients in Crandall, Kaufman, Mabank, Oak Grove and other cities throughout Kaufman County. He has been successful in having a significant number of cases get dismissed, no billed, or reduced to lesser offenses. Mr. Clary is a member of the State Bar of Texas College which requires continuing legal education well above what is normally required. He is also a member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the Kaufman County Bar Association.

Some of Our Practice Areas

Steven Clary has expertise in most areas of Criminal Law including the following specific areas. You are encouraged to contact Mr. Clary’s office for any questions and a free telephone consultation.

All Misdemeanors
and Felonies

Driving While Intoxicated

Sealing Records, Expunctions, & Setting Aside Convictions

What Makes Us Different

We understand how difficult finding the best criminal defense lawyer for your case can be. These are some of the things that make Steven W. Clary stand out from other attorneys.

Payment Plans

We offer interest free and flexible payment plans with low down payment. We can postpone your case if you need time to work the legal fee into your budget. We accept most credit and debit cards.

Free Telephone Consultation

A licensed attorney will patiently and courteously explain the options and choices available to you for your case. Contact us by phone, text, or email and we can setup your consultation today.

Experienced Attorneys

We are very knowledgeable of the legal system and employ this knowledge effectively in the defense of our clients. We handle all types of cases from Misdemeanors to serious Felony offenses.

Office Visit Not Necessary

Many of our clients hire us right over the telephone after a free phone consultation. This saves you time and the inconvenience of having to take off from work or school.

Competitive Fee

My office is designed to efficiently help you in order to keep our legal fees competitive.

Court Appearances Made For You

In most cases, your appearance is required only if the Judge so directs thereby keeping you from having to miss work or school.

After Hours Appointments

Our attorneys are available for evening and weekend appointments when necessary.

Jail Release

If someone you know is in jail, we may be able to help get him/her released by doing bond reductions, posting attorney bonds, etc.

Court Date Tomorrow? No Problem

If you waited until the last minute, we still may be able to help. Don’t delay any longer. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

My case took a while to go to court. During that time Mr. Clary stayed on top of any court dates and informed me of anything going on with what the court was asking and wanted of me. Mr. Clary looked at all the facts regarding what I was being charged with and discussed in detail what the different possible out comes may be. He was professional in every respect. Mr. Clary allowed me to pay my attorney fees in payments after my initial attorney retainer payment. I ended up with a positive outcome in my case and I am very pleased with the results Mr. Clary was able get for me and my court case. I cant thank Mr. Clary enough.

Went to court to try and have probation terminated early. Had a couple diluted UAs and very first test came back positive. Steve worked through it and let the judge know my situation and she ruduced my probation from 4 years to 2 years. Best lawyer I have ever had I would say if your looking for someone to present you a good case and get the best outcome possible then to give Steve a call he did a great job for me. Hands down best outcome I’ve ever had and it was because Steve was my lawyer and helped me through the entire process. You won’t be disappointed!


Mr. Clary was kind and nonjudgmental, knowledgeable and experienced. Things happened as he predicted. He got my charges reduced, and I avoided jail time.


Simply put! Attorney Clary represented me in a DWI case. He educated me, kept me updated and worked with me on a payment plan that was fair and affordable. Highly recommend!!!


Best genuine attorney to hire. Just when I had lost hope at first, he gave me hope when I consulted and hired him. He helped me with both my cases misdemeanor b charge possession of marijuana and felony charge tampering with evidence.

Mr. Clary was very knowledgeable and helpful. He worked hard to obtain every piece of information needed.