Criminal Law Attorney Serving Caddo Mills, Greenville, West Tawakoni and All of Hunt County

Texas criminal law attorney Steven Clary has been practicing law in Celeste, Commerce, Lone Oak, Merit, Quinlan and surrounding towns for over 25 years. He has handled fairly minor misdemeanor cases such as DWI's and possession of marijuana up to the more serious felonies such as continuous sexual abuse of a child which carries from 25 years up to life in the penitentiary. We also handle sealing cases, record expunctions, and conviction set asides all over Texas. Mr. Clary is authorized by the Texas Supreme Court to practice law in the state of Texas. He is also authorized to practice in the United States Supreme Court and in the Federal Court of the Northern District of Texas.

Some of Our Practice Areas

Steven Clary has expertise in most areas of Criminal Law including the following specific areas. You are encouraged to contact Mr. Clary's office for any questions and a free telephone consultation.

All Misdemeanors and Felonies

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Sealing Records, Expunctions, & Setting Aside Convictions



What Makes Us Different

We understand how difficult finding the best criminal defense lawyer for your case can be. These are some of the things that make Steven W. Clary stand out from other attorneys.

Payment Plans

We offer interest free and flexible payment plans with low down payment. We can postpone your case if you need time to work the legal fee into your budget. We accept most credit and debit cards.

Free Telephone Consultation

A licensed attorney will patiently and courteously explain the options and choices available to you for your case. Contact us by phone, text, or email and we can setup your consultation today.

Experienced Attorneys

We are very knowledgeable of the legal system and employ this knowledge effectively in the defense of our clients. We handle all types of cases from Misdemeanors to serious Felony offenses.

Office Visit Not Necessary

Many of our clients hire us right over the telephone after a free phone consultation. This saves you time and the inconvenience of having to take off from work or school.

Competitive Fee

My office is designed to efficiently help you in order to keep our legal fees competitive.

Court Appearances Made For You

In most cases, your appearance is required only if the Judge so directs thereby keeping you from having to miss work or school.

After Hours Appointments

Our attorneys are available for evening and weekend appointments when necessary.

Jail Release

If someone you know is in jail, we may be able to help get him/her released by doing bond reductions, posting attorney bonds, etc.

Court Date Tomorrow? No Problem

If you waited until the last minute, we still may be able to help. Don't delay any longer. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


  • Expungement

    Attorney Clary was honest, efficient, kind, and professional. He made my experience much more palatable and less stressful. I'm grateful I found him and I was able to use his expertise and experience to expunge my case. He identified the mistakes that were made by the police and improper filing w... Read On

  • Best Lawyer I've ever had!

      One of the best lawyers I've ever had! If I ever need anything, he is who I would call. Thank you for everything! I really appreciate it. You are the best. Read On

  • Great Attorney

    They got me a reduced probation, charge, and fines. It was easy and simple to contact them and they keep you updated with every piece of new info they received. Read On