How will it benefit me?

In many situations it will make the difference between getting a job and not getting the job. For example, let's say that someone had been put on deferred adjudication for a theft case and applied for a job at Lowes. This person was probably told by his attorney that when he completes the deferred adjudication probation his case would be dismissed. There are several problems with that statement. First, the case may not even be dismissed because, although the judge has to dismiss the case, he does not have to initiate the dismissal process. Many counties never dismiss a case when a person completed the probation, although some counties, such as Dallas, do automatically dismiss them. This can cause problems because the applicant may tell the potential employer that the case was dismissed when it wasn't making the applicant look dishonest. The applicant probably will be excluded and never get a chance to explain.

If he had got a nondisclosure order or expunction, he could legally deny the charge and if the employer did a criminal background check, the information would not show up because the agencies with the information would have a nondisclosure order forbidding them to disclose the information. Or if the offense had been expunged, the information would not even be on the record. Consequently, the applicant may be hired whereas before, he probably would have been excluded. If the offense was a felony theft case and the person had obtained a nondisclosure order, he would be greatly and doubly benefited because he can legally deny the offense, therefore the fact he had a theft case is hidden and, very important, the fact that he had a felony is hidden.

It can also make the difference between getting or not getting an apartment.

For example: a person wants to move into an apartment. He has been put on probation for possession of marijuana and received deferred adjudication. The apartment manager will do a criminal background check and the offense will show up. The manager will probably not rent to that person. However, if the applicant had gotten a nondisclosure order or an expunction, he can deny a drug charge and, when the background check is done, the information will not show up and he will probably be accepted.