How much does it cost and what are the payment plans?

For a nondisclosure order, we require one third of the fee up front. The fee for a misdemeanor nondisclosure is $1200 per case. The fee for a felony is $2100. There is also a court filing fee which goes to the court. The filing fee (i.e. court cost) vary from county to county but is usually around $300. The filing fee is included in our fee. We give you two months to pay the remainder of the fee. For example, you want to get a misdemeanor theft case sealed, you would pay us $400 up front to start on the case. Upon receiving the $400, we start immediately on the process. We do not wait until we are totally paid to start on the case. This gets things going faster. On or before two months is up you will need to pay the remainder of the money, which in this case would be $400 per month. So the total amount you will have paid for a misdemeanor case is $1200. Another example, if this was felony, you will have paid $700 up front and the remainder of $1400 on or before two months for a total of $2100. Note these fees are subject to change. Please feel free to call our office to discuss your situation.

For an expunction, the fee and payment plans for both misdemeanors and felonies are $2400 with $800 up front and up to three months to pay the remainder.