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In need of an experienced criminal attorney?

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Case Results

Steven Clary has has handled literally thousands of criminal cases from low end misdemeanors such as DWI’s (Class B and above) to the most serious felonies in the 20 years he has been practicing. See the results of some of these cases below.

Case: DWI 3rd or More

Client had already had several trips to the penitentiary and was looking at a minimum 15 years in the pen if convicted. Although we had a deal where the prosecutor was offering 10 years, the client elected to take his chances and go to trial.

Result: After a hard fought trial, the Jury came back with a not guilty verdict. We subsequently expunged his record.

Case: Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child

Client was accused of penetration by a stepdaughter. His children were taken by CPS and he was prohibited from seeing them or even returning home. His children were split up and placed in various foster homes. We exhaustively investigated and developed a packet for the Grand Jury to review in hopes that our client would be No-Billed.

Result: He was No-Billed and on the date the Grand Jury came back with their decision, the client’s children were returned to him and he was able to return home. In other words, the nightmare was behind him.

Case: Assault Family Violence

Our client was a green card holder (ie Lawful Permanent Resident) and was facing possible deportation if convicted or even receive Deferred Adjudication, which is not a conviction. We were able to negotiate a deal with District Attorney’s office where they would dismiss the case if our client completed an extensive anger management class.

Result: He did and consequently the case was dismissed and there were not immigration ramifications. We later expunged the record for him.

Case: Possession of Drugs with Intent to Deliver

Young man 18 years old charged with F3 charge and Possession of Marijuana. He was not only facing time in the Penitentiary but a criminal record that would haunt him for years, including get in the way of his plans to go to college. We investigated and found some errors the policemen made that arrested him.

Result: We were able to get the F3 charge dismissed and worked a pretrial program that allowed the case to be dismissed. Both cases are now eligible to be expunged and wiped off the record. 

Client Testimonials

We value our clients and it shows.  Much of my business is from referrals or past clients. Read below to view a sample of what our past clients say about the work we've done for them.

My case took a while to go to court. During that time Mr. Clary stayed on top of any court dates and informed me of anything going on with what the court was asking and wanted of me. Mr. Clary looked at all the facts regarding what I was being charged with and discussed in detail what the different possible out comes may be. He was professional in every respect. Mr. Clary allowed me to pay my attorney fees in payments after my initial attorney retainer payment. I ended up with a positive outcome in my case and I am very pleased with the results Mr. Clary was able get for me and my court case. I cant thank Mr. Clary enough.

Ruben, AVVO Review

Mr. Clary was kind and nonjudgmental, knowledgeable and experienced. Things happened as he predicted. He got my charges reduced, and I avoided jail time.

John, AVVO Review

Simply put! Attorney Clary represented me in a DWI case. He educated me, kept me updated and worked with me on a payment plan that was fair and affordable. Highly recommend!!!

Debbie, AVVO Review

Best genuine attorney to hire. Just when I had lost hope at first, he gave me hope when I consulted and hired him. He helped me with both my cases misdemeanor b charge possession of marijuana and felony charge tampering with evidence.

Devon, AVVO Review

Went to court to try and have probation terminated early. Had a couple diluted UAs and very first test came back positive. Steve worked through it and let the judge know my situation and he ruduced my probation from 4 years to 2 years. Best lawyer I have ever had I would say if your looking for someone to present you a good case and get the best outcome possible then to give Steve a call he did a great job for me. Hands down best outcome I’ve ever had and it was because Steve was my lawyer and helped me through the entire process. You won’t be disappointed!

Walker, AVVO Review

Steve Clary is a smart, honest Attorney. Would highly recommend him. From the get-go in this case Steve took action and made a great deal of difference in the outcome of my two cases. Steve is a very good lawyer and is respected by his peers which goes a long way. Steve trusted me and was able to work out a deal where I could take a polygraph test to prove what I had been claiming about one of the cases pending against me. As a result of this that charge was dropped. Steve is very careful to respect your privacy and will always check with you before taking any action. I can't imagine having had such positive outcomes without Steve on board. We are done with court and there are a few things that I would still like to have done and Steve is willing to communicate with me and give me his advice with no guarantee that I will use his services. No doubt I will use him as long as he is practicing. It's nice to already know that should I ever need to say I'd like to speak to my lawyer again, Steven Clary is ready to begin defending me and that I have every confidence he will help me preserve my life.

Jason, AVVO Review

Great Lawyer. Mr. Clary was very knowledgeable and helpful. He worked hard to obtain every piece of information needed.

Nathaniel, AVVO Review

FANTASTIC!!!! Steven Clary was AWESOME!!!! I had an issue come up that happened about 5 years ago in which i needed to get my record sealed. I did tons of research and decided to go with Steven Clary's office. For one his website is extremely helpful and detailed and pretty much answered all my questions and he offered payment arrangements unlike others I've researched, which made it easy for me to handle making the payments. He was very professional and nice. One thing that I really liked was that I kept in contact with him the entire process which put me at ease knowing i didn't have to deal with others which could cause potential confusion. Plus I was in a different state and didn't have to travel to his location at all. He always returned missed phone calls and and was great with keeping me updated during the process. I'm very pleased with his service. He was Friendly, Available, and Quick. I would definitely recommend him.

Anonymous AVVO Review